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Members of Friends of Gorges State Park offer both hands-on and financial support. Educational projects, trail maintenance and greeting guests at the visitors center are just some of the interesting aspects of being a friend. Managing 7,500 acres is a very demanding job and the friends step up to help fill in when extra support is needed. Park staff are often needed elsewhere so the extra hands to answer questions and give directions can make all the difference for some park visitors. 

Our mission is exclusively nonprofit, charitable, educational and environmental. Funds raised are used to purchase educational equipment, to support Gorges State Park research, and to provide materials and facilities that contribute to park activities. The tag line of the friends group couldn't be more accurate:

If you keep me secure, I'll keep you wild...


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The following chart depicts the advantages and benefits of becoming a Friend of Gorges State Park at various levels of giving.

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Fun Fact

In 2018, the Park fell short by just .09″ in reaching its all-time high rainfall. The 2019 total was 136.38″.