We’re so excited to announce that Gorges State Park will reopen on May 13 at 7 AM!
On May 13, the trails and restroom facilities will be opened. The visitor center will open in the following weeks.

Please be safe when visiting the park. Below are some great guidelines for keeping you and your family safe: 

📌 Maintain a social distance of 6 feet, regardless of the behavior of others.
📌 Step to the side of a trail, wait at the end of a bridge, and do not enter the restrooms until others have cleared out.
📌 Touch as few surfaces as possible. Wash or sanitize your hands before, during, and after your visit.
📌 Do not share equipment like phones or cameras with other visitors.
📌 Go home and come back another time if the park seems crowded when you arrive.

H U G E thanks to our dedicated staff at the park including Superintendent McGraw who have continued to coordinate with the USFS (because of our proximity to Pisgah National Forest) and the North Carolina State Parks and Recreation! This is a group effort and we’re proud to be part of a spectacular bunch of people. 

For more information on the phases of opening and other state parks, please visit:

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